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Rocket Gal (2020 1st Series) #1A

Cover 1B.jpg

Rocket Gal (2020 1st Series) #1B

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Written by Wyatt Holliday
Art by Peter Gilmore

When the galaxy's greatest scientists are lost on Mars, Rocket Gal is tasked with discovering their fate and returning them home. Accompanied by her faithful companion, Booster, Rocket Gal must face the subterranean denizens of the Red Planet - The Mole Men of Mars!

Rocket Gal draws inspiration from classic sci-fi like Flash Gordon, Barbarella, Buck Rogers, animation in the spirit of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, and cliffhanger movie serials. Join us for a timeless sci-fi adventure featuring action, danger, and excitement, all in the spirit of classic Good Girl Art and animation. Written by Wyatt Holliday (Ardanna), with art by Peter Gilmore (The Case of the Littlest Umbrella).

The adventures of Rocket Gal contain sci-fi action violence, suggestive themes, likely alcohol use, and is suggested for readers ages 13+.

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