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Super Dead (2021 1st Series) #1A


Super Dead (2021 1st Series) #1B

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Super Dead (2021 1st Series) #1C

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Super Dead (2023 Tampa Con 1st Series) #1D

The Story

For two decades, New Astoria was shielded from the violent disturbances of villainous super-humans by the chivalrous & indestructible protector, Captain Valor. He served the city with unconditional love and endless overwhelming pride, effortlessly able to break all barriers of reality, ripping through the skies at untouchable speeds with the hero's intuition of always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. His strength and fortitude were unmatched, and his courage, unchallengeable.

As Captain Valor was destroying a soul stone that granted a villain the powers of darkness, corruption, and the ability to reconstruct the dead, his body inadvertently absorbed the ruinous energy from the stone, mutating the hero into the all-powerful, uncontrollable, carnivorous anti-human, Devour. In fear of destroying the city and it's inhabitants that he had given his life for, he locked himself away beneath the city in the sewers, left only to feed off of plagued rats and other diseased vermin. He now loses more of himself every day, his mind deteriorating... left to embrace old news clippings and photos that remind himself of who he once was. It would all have been worth it to him as long as they remembered what he'd sacrificed to prevent the annihilation, and what he had lost to guarantee their survival...

Years later... a new hero, Omega Atlas, has replaced Captain Valor... and vengeance begins to take form below the city's surface...





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